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The Temptation of Dongsaengs (Part1?)

Pairings: WookShik, Minwook-ish
Summary: Bandfic chronicling the adventures of Ryeowook and his new favorite dongsaeng, Hyungshik with bonus jealous Sungmin here and there.

Ryeowook knew Sungmin. It wasn't a bad thing, or it didn't mean that it made Sungmin boring or predictable. On the contrary, Ryeowook liked that. He knew the way Sungmin spoke, the way he reacted to things, what he liked, the way his touch felt... It was easy for Ryeowook to be comfortable around him, to act without thinking. There was no reason to give up on something that made him so happy so effortlessly.

But Ryeowook couldn't help thinking of the possibilities as he watched Hyungshik's lips form words. The boy was telling him something very excitedly, saying hyung every other sentence. Ryeowook saw himself in him, the way he had been (and sometimes still was) with Sungmin. The older guy's favorite dongsaeng, his protege. It shouldn't be anything more than that, Ryeowook told himself. That would be wrong, even if tempting. Yet, as his mind went to Kevin and Kwanghee and how close they were with Hyungshik, he couldn't help but feel pangs of jealousy. Still, his jealousy was probably nothing compared to Sungmin's, whose burning glare Ryeowook could feel from across the room. He was pretending to be listening into the conversation of the people around him, but wasn't doing a very good job of it. Everyone else was too drunk to notice that he had been pouting for at least an hour now, his eyes glued to the corner of the room where Ryeowook and Hyungshik were sitting by themselves. He looked as if he was in actual physical pain as Ryeowook kept refilling Hyungshik's drink and feeding him with his hands.

Ryeowook had tried really, really hard to arrange this drinking night at a time when the rest of Hyungshik's group members couldn't make it. It hadn't been easy since there were eight of them and someone was always free and willing to hang out and asking Hyungshik what he was up to. He really wished that he could have found a time when Sungmin was busy as well, but now that his musical was over, he rarely had schedule that didn't involve the rest of them too. The second Hyungshik left for a few minutes to use the bathroom, Sungmin practically teleported to his empty seat.

“Should you be giving him that much alcohol? Is he even of legal drinking age yet?” he said with a disgusted look that he tried to hide under a thin facade of concern.

“That's why I'm feeding him at the same time! So that he won't be hungover in the morning. And see, he drank so much water too,” Ryeowook pointed to a large, half empty jar of water on the table with a bright smile. “He is a big boy, he can handle his drink. And if not, I'll take care of him.” Sungmin shuddered at the extra sweet tone Ryeowook was using, he had noticed that his words somehow became even more cute whenever he was talking about Hyungshik.

The younger man returned before Sungmin could speak again, with a cheerful smile on his face, seemingly unaffected by all the drinks he'd had. He's a child, Sungmin tried to tell himself, a really tall child. Ryeowook couldn't take him seriously, he's too young. I'm sure he doesn't even know anything, he tried to tell himself, trying not to think about just how close him and Ryeowook might have gotten during all those times they spent alone together under the guise of discussing the musical. He tried to tell himself that they were never completely alone, there had to be other actors with them too, right? But now Hyungshik had his hand on Ryeowook's shoulder, congratulating Sungmin on having successfully finished his own musical with a sincere smile on his face. Sungmin smiled back, refusing to get up and offer the young man his seat back.

“Are you tired Hyungshikie?” Ryeowook asked with an even higher-pitched voice than usual, “You should just stay here tonight in case you don't feel well, hyung will take care of you and make you breakfast in the morning, okay?”

Hyungshik blushed saying there was no need, but Ryeowook insisted until he gave in. Sungmin was fuming the whole time, going between wanting to punch Hyungshik in the face one second, and feeling bad as he admitted how clueless and innocent he was the next second.

“Where is he going to sleep?” Sungmin asked trying to sound casual.

“Well the living room is a mess, he can't sleep on the couch, that's for sure... Plus he's too tall,” Ryeowook giggled, softly patting Hyungshik's hand that was still on his shoulder. “Want to have a sleepover in hyung's room? I promise I won't cuddle you too much,” he said, his voice way too high-pitched and full of cuteness.

This is just ridiculous, Sungmin thought to himself as he watched Hyungshik blush one more time, but accept the offer without even trying to resist this time.

“Well, I'll go find Siwon or something I guess,” Sungmin interrupted them with a cold tone, desperately hoping that he could get Ryeowook to be jealous, although he knew it was no use.

“He's probably in bed early to wake up for Church tomorrow,” Ryeowook said with a smile made of sunshine and rainbows as Sungmin left the living room, cursing under his breath.

“Should we leave too Hyungshikie? I don't know if I have any pajamas for your size though...”

“It's okay hyung, I'm used to sleeping shirtless,” the younger man replied, obviously not thinking anything of it.

How am I supposed to resist the temptation when he is being like this! Ryeowook wanted to shout at Sungmin who wasn't even in the room anymore. Can he really be so clueless? he wondered.

“You're lucky I don't have roommates anymore, we won't be bothering anyone,” Ryeowook said as he showed him in to his room. Well, maybe not lucky at all, I guess it depends on how you look at it, he thought to himself.

“Wow! You should see our dorm hyung! We wouldn't dream of getting our own rooms... We're still poor rookies,” he said.

“Well we debuted around the same age so...” Ryeowook thought of himself at Hyungshik's age. He remembered how close he had been to Yesung back then, using it to assure himself he wasn't doing anything wrong by getting Hyungshik drunk and convincing him to sleep in his bed. “You should enjoy this as much as you can then,” he added playfully, pushing the younger man towards the bed. He rolled onto it without a complaint.

“Hyung, I don't know if you'll be able to sleep tonight, with this giant in your bed,” he giggled as he took off his shirt and quickly duck under the covers. Is this some sort of test on my sanity, Ryeowook wondered as he changed into pajamas, trying not to look at Hyungshik. “You're not as skinny as I thought hyung,” the younger man said and Ryeowook had to take a deep breath before he playfully scolded Hyungshik for watching him.

“Let's just go to sleep now, I don't want you to be hungover in the morning,” Ryeowook said, turning off the lights and tucking himself in as close to the edge of his bed as possible.

“No cuddling?” came a complaint a few minutes later, followed by a hand reaching across the bed, trying to find Ryeowook in the dark.

He is drunk and this is all my fault, Ryeowook almost felt guilty as Hyungshik snuggled up to him. His breathing went even after a few minutes, and Ryeowook let out the breath he hadn't realized he was holding. It took him longer to fall asleep, as his mind was too aware of Hyungshik's embrace and the words he kept muttering under his breath which sounded suspiciously like hyung and Ryeowook.

This is bad, really really bad, when did I become this kind of hyung, was all Ryeowook could think of as he finally fell asleep, his arms firmly grasping Hyungshik's shirtless body. His sleep was restless, and he woke up barely after an hour had passed, feeling more drunk than he did when he'd gone to sleep. He noticed that Hyungshik was awake and sitting on the edge of the bed, and rolled towards him.

“Why are you up?” he was surprised that his speech was almost slurred. He sat up on the bed as well, wrapping his arms around Hyungshik's waist, his fingers drawing circles on his chest, slowly moving down without even really thinking about what he was doing.

“Hyung...” the younger man whispered, but Ryeowook put a finger over his lips.

“No need to call me that now, Hyungshikie... You can be respectful in the morning when we're sober,” he giggled as his fingers traced down the younger man's body, finding their way between his thighs. Hyungshik gasped. “Relax...” Ryeowook whispered, placing a peck on his cheek that felt hot – he must be blushing, Ryeowook thought. He got off the bed to kneel on the floor, between Hyungshik's legs.

“So why are you up?” Ryeowook asked again as his hand brushed over Hyungshik's crotch, drawing circles inside his thighs, wondering if the younger man caught his terrible pun. He obviously had, because he bowed his head staring down to where Ryeowook's hands were, biting his lips, unsure of what to say. Ryeowook pulled his head close to his own face, and Hyungshik didn't resist. “Were you thinking about me?” he asked, almost blushing himself too. He pressed lips against Hyungshik's, praying that this wasn't his first kiss, that he wasn't that innocent and inexperienced. Ryeowook felt a bit better about it as Hyungshik kissed him back, holding his face in his hands and sliding his fingers through his hair.

“Take off your boxers,” Ryeowook breathed almost commandingly once they pulled apart. Hyungshik looked unsure but he obeyed anyway. Ryeowook gave him a quick kiss, and held his chin to make Hyungshik look him in the eye. “Now I don't want you to do anything at all. Just relax and enjoy, okay?” He added a cute twist to his words with his voice, and Hyungshik nodded, as obedient as ever.

Ryeowook kissed inside Hyungshik's thigh, as his hand traced up inside his other thigh, reaching his balls and massaging them softly. He could tell Hyungshik was trying really hard to relax and breathe evenly, his eyes were tightly shut. Ryeowook looked up at his face, caressing his face and hair as he wrapped his other hand around the base of Hyungshik's cock. It might not have been his first kiss but this is definitely his first time, Ryeowook couldn't help but think to himself. His hand stroked up and down slowly, letting the younger man enjoy every movement as much as possible.

“Fa... faster...” Hyungshik managed to stutter eventually, and Ryeowook was entertained by how shy he sounded. He fastened for a few strokes before stopping. Hyungshik finally opened his eyes and Ryeowook smiled at him reassuringly before bending forward to take the head of his cock between his lips. Hyungshik gave a deep moan, grasping tightly to the edge of the bed. Ryeowook's hand kept its firm grip on the base of his cock, as his mouth rhytmically moved up and then down the head. He paused to lick the tip once he felt the taste of precum in his mouth, then started stroking really fast, his lips wrapped loosely around the head so that it went in and out of his mouth with each stroke. Hyungshik managed to find Ryeowook's empty hand, interlacing his fingers with Ryeowook's, his moans becoming louder with Ryeowook's each stroke. He squeezed Ryeowook's hand tightly and came into his mouth, repeating his name between uneven breaths.

Ryeowook waited until the younger man loosened his grip on his hand before getting up and sitting next to him on the bed. He wrapped his arm around him, wiping the sweatdrops on his forehead.

“Let's go back to sleep,” Ryeowook smiled, ruffling Hyungshik's hair and handing him his boxers. He fell asleep a lot quicker this time, with Hyungshik cuddling up to him in the same position as before.

He managed to wake himself up earlier than the younger man, slipping out of the bed quietly to prepare him a warm breakfast. Hyungshik entered the kitchen half an hour later, stretching and yawning, his hair sticking out in places.

“Good morning, sunshine!” Ryeowook greeted him cheerfully, giving him a little kiss and fixing his hair.

“Good morning... hyung,” Hyungshik added quickly, and Ryeowook knew he was remembering what he'd said last night about calling him hyung. “Is this all for me?” the younger man suddenly asked wide-eyed, getting distracted by all the food.

“Of course!” Ryeowook exclaimed, “you have a long schedule, so I prepared you some snacks as well,” he said excitedly, pointing at bento boxes with little notes taped onto them.

“Hyung, you really didn't have to...” Hyungshik mumbled.

“Get to eating already!” Ryeowook commanded, and Hyungshik obeyed willingly to him yet again. “I'm leaving to Beijing for a fanmeet as you know, so I wanted to make sure you eat well when I'm gone,” he added as he brought Hyungshik's backpack to the kitchen and started stuffing it with all the food he had prepared.

“Is Sungmin hyung going with you too?” Hyungshik asked to Ryeowook's surprise.

“Well yes, he is in SJM too...” Ryeowook answered, trying to sound as casual as possible. “Anyways, I'll only be a tweet away in Beijing, and I'll be back before you know it,” he added quickly, petting Hyungshik's hair as he spoke, and the young man smiled, nodding.

True to his promise, Ryeowook's eyes were glued to the twitter application on his phone as soon as they landed in China. He could feel Sungmin trying to look over his shoulder to his screen every time he checked his phone, and it got annoying really fast. He could barely finish reading Hyungshik's tweet to him wishing ZE:A and Super Junior would have an overseas concert together one day before Sungmin started asking what he was smiling about.

“It's just Hyungshik,” Ryeowook asnwered rolling his eyes impatiently, throwing himself on the hotel bed. He'd never thought that sharing a room with Sungmin could feel so burdensome until now.

“It's just Hyungshik,” Sungmin repeated, stressing the word “just”.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Ryeowook mumbled, not completely sure if he wanted Sungmin to hear what he was saying and start a confrontation. “I finally have my own dongsaeng to take care of now,” he pouted, burying his face in the pillow.

“I'm sorry...” Sungmin sat on Ryeowook's bed, caressing his hair. “We never spend time anymore. Every spare minute you have, you're with Hyungshik!”

“I don't get jealous when you spend time with Kyuhyun!” Ryeowook protested, and Sungmin had a disgusted, you-did-not-just-go-there expression on his face. “I'm sorry, I'm sorry,” Ryeowook grabbed Sungmin's hands, pulling him to the bed. “Let's just cuddle and sleep, just like we did during Perfection, okay?”

Ryeowook knew Sungmin well, and his words had just the effect he had expected. The older guy turned off the lights and lied down next to him without further argument, holding him in his arms as they fell asleep together.

Sungmin woke up in almost an unusually cheerful mood, and his spirits were high all throughout the fanmeet as well. His mood was contagious to Ryeowook who was already happy from being back in China.

At one point during the fanmeet, Ryeowook was asked to take a photo with another member, and Sungmin beamed with joy as the fans started chanting his name in unison. Ryeowook pulled his hand confidently, posing as if they were doing some Latin dance. He knew the fans were enjoying the show, and that Sungmin was enjoying it even more, and he couldn't help but giggle and tease along cheerfully, sticking his tongue out and posing like a dork.

They all went out to dinner together after the fanmeet, followed by a visit to the bubble tea shop, and Sungmin stayed close to Ryeowook the whole time, his arm always wrapped around Ryeowook's shoulders or waist. While waiting for everyone to finish ordering, Ryeowook finally had a minute away from him, and hurriedly opened up Twitter on his phone – he had spotted the wireless sign on the door even before they'd entered the shop. There wasn't anything new from Hyungshik in his mentions, so he checked his messages, and felt blood rushing to his face as he was Hyungshik's screenname under it. He took a deep breath before clicking to read what he had written. There were multiple messages, all sent at different times. Ryeowook started reading them from oldest to newest, forgetting about bubble tea and what everyone else around him was doing.

“I already miss you hyung... let's organize another party night soon~?”
“You must be busy in Beijing but you are still on Hyungshikie's mind. I keep thinking about you and that night.”
“Ah sorry I keep messaging you, am I too clingy? You were so good I'm still blushing thinking about it... Give me a chance to repay you please?”

Ryeowook jumped as Sungmin's voice boomed in his ear, bringing him back to his surroundings.

“Are those from Hyungshik? What is he talking about? What were you good at that? What?” Sungmin was frowning as he threw his questions at Ryeowook.

“What's up hyungs?” Henry popped out of nowhere before Ryeowook had a chance to open his mouth. The kid looked confused by Sungmin's glare, and Ryeowook had a sudden realization that he shouldn't think of him as a kid because then that would make Hyungshik a baby but managed to pull himself away from those thoughts as Henry patted his back and handed him his boba.

“Here I grabbed your drink for you, hyung,” he said to Ryeowook, still throwing confused looks at Sungmin.

“Thanks,” Ryeowook mumbled, finally stuffing his phone to his pocked and taking his drink from Henry, following him and everyone else back to their cars. Sungmin didn't sit next to him, and Ryeowook spent the car ride trying to think of how he could explain the situation to Sungmin without making him too upset, that is if it was possible for him to be more upset than he already was.

“Hyung, don't be so upset please,” Ryeowook muttered once they were back in their room. Sungmin had thrown himself on the bed, and Ryeowook sat next to him. “You took care of me like a hyung, and now it's my turn to take care of someone else... There is nothing to worry about, I swear.”

“Oh really? It's all innocent like that?” Sungmin exploded. “Then explain to me what happened that night when you got him drunk! That's what he's talking about, isn't it?”

“It was just... it was just a blowjob, okay!” Ryeowook said defensively, and Sungmin's eyes opened up larger than Ryeowook had thought was possible.

“Just a blowjob? He gave you a blowjob??”

“Uhh...” Ryeowook's mouth felt dry and he couldn't think of any way to word things that wouldn't sound completely terrible.

“You gave him a blowjob... Oh my God!” Sungmin shrieked with the realization. “Is that what he's talking about repaying! What in the... oh my God!”

Sungmin buried his face in his hands in shock, and they were silent for a minute.

“Well... I guess that's the kind of hyung I was to you... I shouldn't blame you...” he finally mumbled.

“We've just been spending a lot of time together and we were drunk, you know...” Ryeowook sighed. At least Sungmin knew about it now.

“And you cuddled with me like nothing had happened,” Sungmin made one of his pouty faces at Ryeowook. They spent the rest of the night arguing and bickering, as Ryeowook refused to say the words Sungmin obviously wanted him to say, that he preferred him over Hyungshik and nothing would happen between them again. But he just couldn't bring himself to do it. Even as he was talking to Sungmin, he kept thinking at the back of his mind how he should reply to Hyungshik's messages, and when would be a good time for another get together.

Ryeowook felt shameless as everyone was drinking in the dorms again sometime that week, and his first instinct was to invite Hyungshik over. Sungmin had been bitter towards him ever since the night of the fanmeet, and he drank particularly heavy that night, especially after Hyungshik arrived. But tonight, he wasn't the depressed, quiet drunk he had been last time. Instead, he was particularly obnoxious tonight, changing into his pink night dress, blasting up the volume of the music and dancing around extra sluttily. Hyungshik stared at him with huge eyes, looking almost traumatized.

“Is he okay, hyung?” he asked Ryeowook, unable to take his eyes off of Sungmin, who noticed that the two of them were talking about him, and started making his way over to them.

“He is just bitter,” Ryeowook mumbled.

“You want to dance too, Hyungshik? I see you staring,” Sungmin winked at him almost seductively and Ryeowook glared.

“Oh... no, I'm good, really... maybe Ryeowook hyung...” Hyungshik smiled nervously, turning to Ryeowook for help. Sungmin didn't hesistate and pulled Ryeowook towards himself as soon as Hyungshik had made the suggestion.

“Stop, what are you doing... hyung, please!” Ryeowook tried to giggle playfully, but Sungmin was grinding up against him, hands moving up and down his body. Ryeowook could smell the alcohol in Sungmin's warm breath as his lips traced his neck and jaw. He would've been extremely turned on right now if Hyungshik hadn't been watching the two of them with wide open eyes. Ryeowook felt really uncomfortable as his eyes caught Hyungshik's. He knew that Sungmin was trying to make Hyungshik jealous, and his plan was working perfectly.

“I should go soon, I have early schedule,” he announced hurriedly when Sungmin had finally pulled away a few inches from Ryeowook.

Ryeowook pushed Sungmin off of himself, running after Hyungshik who was already at the door.

“Hyungshikie, I'm really sorry,” he said, grabbing the younger guy by the wrist. “I didn't think he would be like this. He's really drunk and... jealous,” Ryeowook added with a sigh.

“Jealous?” Hyungshik looked confused.

“Yeah. Of you,” Ryeowook caressed the younger man's face, and his eyes instantly brightened up with hope.

“Really? I didn't know that. Is he really? Of me?” he asked in disbelief and Ryeowook nodded.

“I'll put him in the bed and text you, okay? Maybe we should just hang out by ourselves from now on,” Ryeowook smiled reassuringly at the younger man whose mood had suddenly brightened. Ryeowook managed to send him off before Sungmin found his way over to him again.

“I know you liked that Ryeowook, don't lie to yourself,” Sungmin started mumbling in his ear as he pressed his body against Ryeowook's. “I have experience. I know what you like.”

Ryeowook let himself be dragged off to Sungmin's room, but he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket just as they were at the door. He knew it was Hyungshik.

“You're too drunk Sungmin,” he said, pushing the older guy away from him. “We'll talk about this tomorrow,” he added, hurrying back to his room. Thankfully Sungmin was too drunk to chase after him quickly enough.

Back in his room, Ryeowook checked his phone to read Hyungshik's text, mentally thanking him for texting him just in time to save in from temptation. It was true that Sungmin knew how to please Ryeowook just perfectly, and even the shape of his lips were enough to seduce anyone. One at a time, Ryeowook mumbled to himself, you can't want it all.


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